There is for example “Conflict”, “Sex”, “Future”, “The Body”, “Stay Strong”

There is for example “Conflict”, “Sex”, “Future”, “The Body”, “Stay Strong”

Something that we really value about it is that it’s nothing serious in a sense that… we never knew how to do it properly (if there is a way to do it properly), we made so many mistakes and people from our community who wanted to publish something made so many mistakes and we just didn’t care, because this is why it’s there: to explore, to experiment.

When we first started, I think the slogan “Girl Power” from the nineties was more popular than Riot Grrrl. It was more pop and more success based, (in a capitalist kind of way).

There was a lot of encouragement for women to be active, but in a different way. In a way that says that you have to be great from the very beginning, and that’s the way you’ll be supported and rooted for. Us, we wanted to say that failure is a part of the process. It’s cool to just do whatever because if you don’t try, you wont grow.

It’s like for us: we had to try. We had to make those parties where no one came to actually learn and try something else another time.

With our parties we booked people who are experienced, and also people who are just beginning. It’s the same with our zine.

We publish written works and graphics from people who have already published something or are known in some way, but also people who just send us their first writings, their first scribbles, and we see that they really appreciate that it’s very welcoming, that It’s a safe space to send whatever and to ask us questions.

David – Each issue of your publication deals with a different topic, and as a specific name attached to it. .. How do come up with the topics you’d hookup bars near me Wichita Falls like to explore?

And we always come up with the theme based on some experience or some inspiration. But in the end it turns out to be something completely else. It’s great because it just shows that we have some ideas about a certain problem or a certain word, some connections in our mind. However when you give the topic to a bigger crowd, they just have so many ways to interpret it.

For example, our last zine was conflict

It shows that you really need to be very democratic when giving the voice to people, it really shows a different perspective, different ways of seeing things.

Agata – Each one has a theme

I forgot what the original idea was, but it was something connected to a war somewhere in another country. And we felt that we should make a topic on “war”. We chose to call it “conflict” because it’s wider. From that we got so many works about inner conflicts.

Also when we were working on this issue, we had so many protests in Poland*. So the zine ended up talking a lot about our own country when we didn’t even think it would at first.

We also have two zines that are a bit different. The are called “Queer Erotica”. The idea came from the first wave of pandemic when we were stuck at home and everything was so depressing. We were tired and thought that, okay, we want to make a fanzine that’s going to be focused only on pleasure and on nice things. In this one we only published stories and poetry and of course graphic works. No essays or interviews or something more critical.

It was only meant to be a point of resting and focusing on nice things because we really like that, especially with so much going on outside of the pandemic. Right now we’re going to have a second issue of “Queer Erotica” because people went crazy. I think it was our most sold issue yet.(laughs)

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